Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Amusing this week

There have been several things that made me pause in the last few days, so I thought I'd compile a list.

  1. Thick ice on the INSIDE of the windows. It was whiter and frostier than the photo above a couple days ago.
  2. I picked up the water bottle in the car to take a sip of the little that was left, and heard a 'thug' as I pulled it up to my mouth. Large chunk of ice, with a bit of VERY refreshing water to quench my thirst. Refreshing wasn't really what I was after, but who am I to complain about such things?
  3. Otto asking if I brought the garbage cans into the garage from the back alley. Ha! YOU wanted to move to Canada, YOU bring in the garbage cans in the sub-freezing temperatures.
  4. When Andy and Sam are playing together and the furnace kicks on, they yell, "Heater's on!!!", run to the nearest floor vent and lay there until it turns off again.
  5. Today is cold, but a couple days ago when it was REALLY cold, whenever you would open an outside door, a mysterious fog of water vapor would float into the house. I half expected a magician with cape and top hat to wander in behind it.
  6. Cold beer. A nearby liquor store has this in huge neon letters on the building. Who in their right mind is drinking COLD BEER around here? I find a shot of brandy warms me up nicely.
  7. The snowflakes that fell on our heads this morning looked like the real snowflakes that you've seen blown up under a microscope. I guess I had only seen the drier snowflakes before, which look more like white dots, but these were huge, distinctly patterned, beautiful snowflakes that you could stare at and inspect.
  8. Snow that falls with the sun shining behind it looks like glitter falling from the sky.

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Derek said...

We're Canadian, we always need to have cold beer close by. Outside temperature is irrelevant.