Wednesday, October 1, 2008

British Columbia - Part III

I guess I should really finish this BC stuff up since it has been a month since we returned!

This day (still chilly) we went on a little hike to Dutch Creek. There were signs posted where we were staying, warning that black bears had been seen in the area and to keep children close if you were out hiking. So I was a little nervous about our wandering around the woods with no one else around. We saw no bears, thankfully.

We hiked through the woods for ten minutes and found the creek.

And after another ten minutes downhill...

we found this spot, right next to the creek.
We stayed here for almost an hour. Anytime there are lots of rocks and sticks, AND some type of water you can throw them in, well it's heaven. At least for a 3 and 6 year old; the parents think it's heaven for other reasons, like watching the 3 and 6 year old have fun with rocks and sticks and water.

Some pretty purple flowers that Otto found.

My man - conqueror of the river rocks. :o)

And speaking of the river rocks, they were so beautiful. Every unique one of them!

So after taking a few pictures of rocks, I realized I was taking pictures of rocks, and stopped. Mainly because there were so many, I couldn't possibly document them all, so I settled for a couple.

And the next day we went on another, even shorter hike to the top of some hoodoos. This is what the hoodoos looked like from the ground, up.

And this is what they looked like from the top, down.

The sand was unbelievably soft at the top - what the kids call "teddy bear sand" at Andy's school playground.

Sam and Andy attempted sledding down the sand - not anywhere near the edge!! (Hard to tell from the picture, but they actually did slide a ways.)

Okay - those are all the photos I can extract from this vacation. Can't wait to go on another one!


Anonymous said...

The images are beautiful, I can imagine the kids with the rocks and the water, even us the adults have fun doing that. I'm so glad you guys are having such a nice time there, so much to see.
We are doing well.

Tia Tere

Anonymous said...

Hi sweeties!
The vacation looks like great outdoor fun! I never saw a hoodoo before..

Anonymous said...

that last was from me, Nana. I see you have to sign up to leave a signature